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they will advance to their second world series. the first game of the series is wednesday with the first scheduled at 5:07 p.m.. in oakland a group of protesters gathered outside city hall to spread awareness about police brutality. 50 to 60 people gathered for a peaceful demonstration on an national day of protest against police brutality. after the process was over the group most march to the police department in jail. tonight was a last of the three presidential debates that took place and book baton florida. this is also the last day to register to vote for the upcoming november 6th second election. the teenager that ran over and killed a nine year-old concord girl and her father and injured shown here in his facebook photo. he chose not to speak or personally apologized to the victims' families. >> we did not show -- see any signs of remorse which street speaks strongly to the character of that young man. >> because he was tried as juvenile he will be released in three years when he turns 21. it is said t of the victim's family says he hopes that the young man will be rehabilitated. >> one da
is always a crowd pleaser. the first day of practice is the first opportunity for the pilots to learn the landmarks around the city. navy photographers at the practice session stated that the pilots will review the session to make adjustments if needed. they want to make sure that this will be a perfect show on saturday and sunday. >> the blue angels had a special guest. earlier tonight we showed to just four on the record that i did not pass out or lose my lunch. let's rock and roll. >> i this was this was right after the flight. the pilot was a great and he talked me through everything. he was very grateful and he did not try to make me throw up. what were you trying to do catch your breath? >> they call that hit king because it is where you take a deep breaths and so that you can't keep the blood in your head from rushing down. i know it was exciting were you ever afraid? >> these pilots of the best in the world so i was not afraid. we did have parachutes. we were going about 600 mi. per hour. it was just an exceptional experience and one that i still have not came down from. i can
. and this is the second of the three city tour. with urban sports, skateboarding, p.m. next, the crowds were already beginning to get other. this call came down from santa rosa. >> pm --bmx it is our first time and we love that it is local and san francisco. >> this is a great place for extreme sports fans. >> we are great for the extreme action sports fortune and we are bringing these to the fans that can come and enjoy yet. to get on bikes, and get on skateboards, all for free and inshore -enjoy and they can all enjoy it. riding the trills of the trials wi the professionals. >> coming up later, the 49ers against seattle. a lot of defense with the highlights and the giants. they needed that one in the st. louis the entire store, later. ñgñg >>pam: this candidate from city council learns the dangers of oakland residents. he shares his story of a gunpoint robberies after an anti- crime meeting. pam a suspicious fire at a bay area home the are trying to figure out of the flames were used to cover up a murder. ahead. >> the latest story. the giants have to when tomorrow after losing tonight. game 5
technician. with this aircraft, it is fun. >> these men and women are walking the streets of the city. some of them have seen family for the first time in years. >> he looks great. it is so great to see him it has been too long a time goes so fast. i am so excited that he is able to come visit. >> fleet week is always interesting but the blue angels but i did not realize that the marine going had a lot to do with this. on fleet week. for him to, on the ship oh my gosh! it was such a surprise. and i am so glad and so grateful. >> there were 2500 sailors and marines sailorsuss makin island. they are getting ready. for this complete list go to their website. democrat lotus >> -- grant lotus. heat is fresh off a flight of a lifetime. >> oh my gosh! i made it and i thought that these are the best pilots in the world. and honestly, the thrill of a lifetime. you go up and these planes and the will turn you upside-down. and i was not the only one. that is zoe. the one that saved 100 to the laws that did that emergency landing on the hudson river. he said that he felt like a kid today. he was a figh
that the city means business and the crime must stop. or, serious actions will happen this is not the first time that this is been enacted by oakland in 2007 buy operation cease-fire. it did not work last time and do you think that it will work this time? >> yes. we've feel that we cannot have a response last time but we do this time >> and oakland, kron 4 news. >> the san bruno city council will decide weather to pass a cpu chairman he feels that he did not do enough to prevent the gas line explosion. and he took the stage today in san jose to show the ipad mini coming up, more details. >>pam: it is looking like winter already in the sierras. we will take you there. >>pam: police and some are h -- this attempted car o highest of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of computer chips. jeff bush explains what happened. >> a father and son had just picked up computer chips of $170,000 in san jose. the son drove the truck and the other followed in his car. the father noticed that two cars seemed to be falling. he thought it was strange but the rip--falling. near east grand ave. they thought that
, just know that you will end up going to jail. >> jail and prison time might not be all. the city attorney is warning that they could face civil charges. >> in the event that you damage property, city buses, buildings. we will go after you, civilly and to seek restitution. >> these are just the first nine people that they have charged. they are currently reviewing other cases and at the same time the san francisco police department is hunting down other suspects. they have yet to arrest. dan kerman, kron 4. >> buy if received about eight phone calls, and we know that it was you. that is how i found out. >> this is tony. this is the photo that he is talking about. >> i know that a lot of people on facebook there are 8000 replies that we are going to turn you and. >> if you're just joining us this is what is left of a $1 million muni bus it was set ablaze. however, this person who through the metal. kate has become the poster child. >> i was not in the area, i was in it san mateo. >> ha were you able to prove that you were in san mateo? >> i was able to prove witnesses that i was in
was at city hall as the embattled chair. >> ross mirkarimi is smiling and waving to reporters as he goes back to is office for the first time in seven months. he says that he wants to put the past behind him. >> i want to look forward to looking forward with the mayor, the attorney, the district attorney. just as i was elected. even the we were not on the same team then perhaps in the eyes of some now. >> this is not what i believe to be qualities of someone holding the office of sheriff of the city of san francisco >> they needed nine votes to strip him but they only got seven. outside of the office the expressed his disbelief. his conduct was not perhaps admissible to addismiss them-- >> and also he is trying to work with these people that have been trying to dismiss them. because he was convicted of a misdemeanor will give him more understanding. >> if i had not gone through this humbling experience, the shame, the soul- searching. and it has inspired me to be a better man, father, and of course public servant. >> he will be meeting with the and from over the next week. and there will be t
area you are looking at city hall. tonight mostly clear and some patchy clouds in the morning but otherwise mostly sunny. sunshine with another warm day how much we can expect. >> we have decision 2012 news but first it is worth noting that the giants have just had victory in game no. 3. two-zero = final score. sports director, gary radnich will have a full recap what highlights. and this huge victory! 3-nothing for the world series. they will go for the sweep tomorrow. politics. 1994 when the voters approved the three strikes law. it mandated repeat offenders more time behind bars but on election day this year there will have the opportunity to make changes. tonight, dan kerman has a look at proposition 36. right know if you been convicted of two serious or violent felonies this third conviction on any type of the land is means that you could spend 25-30 years to like. but this proposition could change that. if that third strike is serious or violent. if it is a non-violent felony is that means you will be twice the usual offense but not the 25 years-to--life. the current peo
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8